Personal Teaching Philosophy

As a teacher, I will provide an atmosphere of learning and respect. Along with management, respect is crucial to students’ learning.  Throughout my teaching experience, I have witnessed the negative results brought on by the lack of respect students have for one another, as well as for their teacher. When a student is disrespected, he or she may have negative reactions and feelings that often manifest into poor performance and negative attitudes in the classroom.  A student’s performance is often fed by psychology. Daily behavior or academic performance can fluctuate based on their personal reactions to words, actions and contact with others, rather than what they have learned in the class.  For this reason, the students in my classroom will have respect for the teacher and the fellow students.  I will not tolerate bullying or laughing at one another’s expense. Students will also respect their peers and their instructor by listening with an open mind, granting others the courtesy of speaking without interruption. This is something they will not only need in school, but in life as they grow as well.  For these reasons respect will be highly valued and instilled in my classroom.

The most important part of knowing if the students have learned what you want them is to practice proper assessment. Anyone can make up an assessment, but quality and effectiveness are of the utmost importance. If all students receive a failing grade on an assessment, either they have not been properly taught or the assessment is flawed.  An assessment should not be put in place to set students up for failure. Once students have taken an assessment, the data should be analyzed; these observations will reveal strengths or weaknesses in the assessment strategy.  It is important to assess, but it will only be beneficial to the administrators and pupils when the assessment is strong and provides an opportunity to master the information desired.  

Along with respect and proper assessment, my classroom will also be properly managed.  There is nothing more beneficial to students’ learning than to know their way around the room and not walk into an unorganized, poorly planned environment everyday.  If the teacher has no idea what their purpose or strategy is, or where their tools are, how are the students going to learn to be organized and prepared? I have found the more organized my classroom is the more at ease and able I feel - my confidence in reaching my students increases. If there was one thing I could tell and new teacher, it would be, “get into a habit of organization and management as quickly as possible.”

These three aspects in the classroom, among others, will be used at their full potential and valued in my classroom.  My actions and continuity will encourage my students to learn and make the environment in the classroom a positive, productive and memorable space for the students.  I believe that following through with this philosophy will strengthen my ability and effectiveness as an educator, as well as my students’ desire to learn.